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My name is Jered Weber and my friends Troy, Bill, Pat and I thought starting a podcast would be a good way to stay in touch as we spread across the country (San Francisco, Minneapolis and New York City). Was this a mistake? Probably. Are we still moving forward? Definitely. So join us as we agree loudly about a variety of topics including politics, pop culture and sports.
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Mar 21, 2018

Back from the edges of the Unknown Regions, Agreeing Loudly returns with a smaller strike force to finally declare a champion in its epic Star Wars: The Last Jedi prediction pool. Troy and Jered also discuss the legitimacy of diagnosing the boomer generation as sociopaths and the arrival of the ordained one Kirk Cousins to the Great Northern Viking realm. 

Dec 5, 2017

We're back with another break from the neverending political chaos that is the Trumpocalypse, to discuss the surprising ascendancy of the Kings of the North, the Minnesota Vikings.

Join us as we discuss our hopes for the rest of their season, what about this year's team makes them special and some of the most heartbreaking moments in Vikings history. 

So pick your pants up off the ground and listen to this week's episode of Agreeing Loudly Coast to Coast as we revel in the unforeseen success of one the most snakebitten teams in the NFL, the Minnesota Vikings. 

Jul 18, 2017

The Agreeing Loudly podcast is taking a break from the depressing world of United States politics to discuss the slightly less depressing world of politics in Westeros. That's right, winter is here and the Agreeing Loudly nerds are delving deep into this season of Game of Thrones. GET HYPE. 

Coast to Coast theme music is from Lee Rosevere.

Jun 21, 2017

The Agreeing Loudly podcast is back from coast-to-coast with a brand new season. Join Jered, Troy, Bill and Pat as they welcome special guest Carson Starkey all the way from the critically acclaimed Margin of Error podcast to discuss whether or not it's time for a serious third party movement in the United States.

Coast to Coast theme music is from Lee Rosevere.

Oct 13, 2016

Now coming to you on a monthly basis, Agreeing Loudly is back with an exciting conversation about the 5-0 Minnesota Vikings, the upcoming holiday movie season, and the latest political nonsense surrounding the presidential election. And if all that wasn't enough a prodigal son returns to the podcast with a groundbreaking realization.

Sep 14, 2016

On this episode of Agreeing Loudly Coast to Coast, Jered, Pat, and Troy bid farewell to the summer by discussing their hopes (and concerns) for the Minnesota Vikings. In addition, they continue their attempts at political commentary and discuss the end of the tragic Jacob Wetterling saga, the pipeline insanity of North Dakota, and whether the health of Hillary Clinton really matters. Meanwhile, Bill is lost in the wilderness somewhere training to be a Pokemon master. 

Will Pat have words of wisdom to share, now that he's joined the ranks of fatherhood? Does Jered have any faith in this year's Minnesota Vikings? Will Troy's new catchphrase catch on? Tune into this week's episode to find out!

Aug 24, 2016

After a month long hiatus, we're back with another fun-filled episode! This week your dutiful host (Jered) is joined by the legendary Pat Meacham and sporadic guest host and Agreeing Loudly contributor, Troy Olson. Sadly, Bill is once again in self-imposed exile trying to come to terms with Donald Trump's drop in polls, but with any luck he'll be back on the next episode. 

This week we bring back the fabled Sports Round Up segment where we discuss the recently departed Rio Summer Olympics, the fate of the Minnesota Vikings, and a hypothetical scenario involving the Twins and David Ortiz. Also, a lot has happened in the world of presidential politics over the last month and we do our best to give our diverse, white male perspective on the state of the race. 

To celebrate our return to the airwaves after more than a month's absence we have decided this is the beginning of a new season. Will anyone care? Stay tuned to find out!


Intro 0:00

Sports Round Up The Rio Olympics, Vikings, and Twins Realities 3:43

Political Parrots 29:41: The State of the Presidential Race 29:41

Outro/Where to Find Us 49:47

Apr 12, 2016
On this week's episode of Agreeing Loudly Coast to Coast, Bill and Jered attempt to soldier forth without Pat, who has apparently been tasked with an important mission to steal top secret Death Star plans. In the meantime, friend of the show, Mitch steps up to give the midwestern perspective this week on exciting topics including Millennials favorite places to work, the Star Wars Rogue One Trailer, the Denver QB uncertainty, and more exciting discussion about the never-ending 2016 quest for the presidency.
Will Comcast stop being evil long enough for Jered to finish this episode? Has Pat been replaced by a negaversion of himself? Can Bill interpret Jered's robot speak? Tune in now to find out!
Mar 3, 2016

On this week's special 1 1/2 hour episode of Agreeing Loudly Coast to Coast, regular hosts Pat and Jered are joined by special co-host and friend of the show Maria Camargo to get to the bottom of Super Tuesday's results. Also, all of the Agreeing Loudly contributors are on hand as regional correspondents to give their perspectives on the night's outcomes.

Not a fan of politics? Well there's also plenty of discussions on historical Tuesdays and the Academy Awards. In addition, despite the Agreeing Loudly contributors' protestations Pat manages to lead another exciting recap of this week in sports.

Still not interested? Well...listen anyways! 

Jan 25, 2016

This week Agreeing Loudly runs into some technical difficulties when Bill decides that charging his phone and telling time is insignificant compared to the power of his wife's birthday. 

In what some people are calling "the worst podcast ever" Pat and Jered have a vibrant discussion about the future of Hispanic Millennial voters and whether or not presidential debates really matter. Fortunately, Bill uses his mad computer science skills to teleport in for the second half of the episode to lead a Pop Goes the Culture segment focusing on Agreeing Loudly's most anticipated movies of 2016.

After sitting through that nerdtastic discussion, Pat bring things back to reality with a sports discussion including NFL predictions, Ronda Rousey's acting chops, and other hot sports topic from the previous week.  

Can Pat and Jered hold a discussion without Bill? Will Lebron James destroy this podcast once and for all? What am I talking about? 

Tune into this week's episode to find out!

Intro 0:00-2:00

Millennial Musings: Hispanic Millennials Rising 2:00-8:50

Political Parrots: Do Debates Matter? 8:53-25:00

Pop Goes the Culture: Most Anticipated Movies of 2016 27:26-41:40

Sports Round Up NFL Predictions and Ronda Rousey Acting 41:47-57:35

Outro/Where to Find Us 57:37-59:42

Jan 18, 2016

After an extended holiday break and a couple of special episodes, Agreeing Loudly Coast to Coast returns to establish some normalcy in your podcast listening lives. 

Jered, Pat and Bill discuss whether Millennial employees are more or less ethical than previous generations, the Bernie Sanders surge, their most anticipated shows of 2016, and some sports related chaos involving the divisional round of the NFL playoffs and WIAA's #tauntgate.

Will the Coast to Coast Kids inspire a new generation of loud agreement? Will Pat survive another nerd-filled discussion? Will the podcast be sued out of existence by the WIAA and Donald Trump? 

Tune in to this week's episode to find out!

Intro 00:00-3:54

Millennial Musings: Ethics in the Workplace 3:55-11:36

Political Parrots: The Bernie Surge 11:40-26:18

Pop Goes the Culture: Most Anticipated Shows of 2016 26:25-41:15

Sports Round Up: NFL Predictions and WIAA's #Tauntgate 41:34-54:09

Where to Find Us/Outro 54:15-56:48


Jan 11, 2016

Now that 2016 is officially underway (let's be honest, those first two weeks don't count), the new and improved Agreeing Loudly Coast to Coast crew is ready to reflect on what they liked most about 2015. Jered, Pat, and Bill discuss their favorite moments from politics, pop culture, and sports during a special weekend morning conversation. 

What moments, events and media were impressive enough to make the Agreeing Loudly cut? Will Jered be able to stay awake during this episode? Can Pat put aside his distaste for Jered's favorite hobbies? Will Bill be able survive once the beeping doors of death cut him off from the life giving California rains? 

Listen now to find out the answers to these questions and more!

Intro 0:00-2:15

Millennial Musings: Best of 2015 2:20-13:15

Political Parrots: Best of 2015 13:17-37:39

Pop Goes the Culture: Best of 2015 37:44-1:06:07

Sports Round Up: Best of 2015 1:06:15-1:18:53

Outro/Where to Find Us 1:18:55-1:21:11

Dec 14, 2015

Agreeing Loudly Coast to Coast is back with another exciting episode. This week your favorite podcast discusses whether or not millennials are truly hypocritical when it comes to war, the possibility of a brokered convention for the GOP presidential nomination, the recent Paris Agreement on climate change and how excited they are that Star Wars is less than one week away.

In addition, Pat leads a discussion on sports that eventually meanders its way into a spirited discussion on the Daily Fantasy Sports and whether or not they should be considered gambling. 

Will Troy hijack another episode with an unrelated rant? Who is going to be the first member of the Podcast to see The Force Awakens? Will Donald Trump continue to defy the odds and win the Republican Presidential nomination? For answers to these questions and more listen now!

Intro 0:00-3:50 

Millennial Musings: War, Outsiders, and the Problem with Polls 3:55-14:25

Political Parrots: A GOP Brokered Convention: How it Could Happen 14:35-39:12

Pop Goes the Culture: The Force Finally Awakens 39:16-52:59

Sports Round Up: Daily Fantasy Sports Silliness 53:05-1:08:15

Outro/Where to Find Us 1:08:19-1:11:39

Dec 9, 2015

This week Jered, Troy, Pat and Bill discuss whether the 2016 presidential election is as historic as some would like to think, whether or not Jeb Bush's tax plan has what it takes to make Millennials rise above the mucky muck, the existential crisis facing college football and Minnesota sports in general. Also, Bill makes his segment hosting debut with a fun-filled Games of Thrones speculation spectacular. 

Can Bill successfully moderate a discussion on Game of Thrones? Will Jered be able to successfully execute a Bane impression? Does anyone still care about the 2016 presidential election? Answer these questions and more by listening to this week's episode!

Intro 0:00 - 3:20

Millennial Musings: Millennials Rising? 3:25-11:17

Political Parrots: Is 2016 A Historic Election? 11:27-22:32

Pop Goes the Culture: Game of Thrones from Coast to Coast 22:35-40:28

Sports Round Up: Mediocrity, Money, and the Machine 40:32-58:44

Outro/Where to Find Us 58:47-1:01:40


Nov 30, 2015

This week Agreeing Loudly Coast to Coast attempts to overcome the unlucky episode 13 with the return of Pat Meacham and the Rick Perry Memorial Bracket where the final match up between Marco Rubio and Jeb Bush will be decided once and for all.

Also Jered, Bill, Troy and Pat discuss possible solutions to the income and wealth inequality prevalent in America, introduce another fun-filled game focused on Star Wars, and enjoy the glory of another decent week in Minnesota sports excellence.

We should warn you that this week's episode exceeds all reasonable time constraints. You might want to grab a snack before this one. 

Intro 0:00-3:15

Millennial Musings: Job Tips from Generation X 3:20-11:15

Political Parrots: Brackets and Wealth Inequality 11:17-37:00

Pop Goes the Culture: Star Wars Predictions 37:11-1:00:25

Sports Round Up 1:00:40-1:12:20

News From the Front: Minneapolis Precinct 4 Update

Outro/Where to Find Us 1:16:51-1:19:00

Nov 23, 2015

This week Pat misses the the podcast to participate in the 5th Annual Hunger Games.

Fortunately, Bill and Carson return in an effort to prevent another episode of long winded monologues and try to steer the ship toward productive discussion.

Unfortunately, Bill has a hot mic and Carson has a few monologues of his own, so the productive discussion will have to wait.

In the meantime, listen to the four musketeers of rants and rambling wax intellectual on the state of race relations in America, a bit of sci-fi inspired pop culture talk, and the usual nonsense about Minnesota sports.

Can 4 white guys discuss racial issues? Has Jered completely given up on the Minnesota Vikings? Will Bill's rent ever go down? 

Find out the answers to these questions and more by listening to this week's episode now!

Intro 0:00-2:35

Millennial Musings: Spread Around the Socialism? 2:36-12:32

Political Parrots: Racial Tensions and the Police Problem 13:05-35:42

Pop Goes the Culture: The Future of Star Wars 36:09-49:43

Sports Round Up: The Fall of the Minnesota Vikings 49:45-59:34

News from the Front: Bill's Rent is Too Damn High 59:40-1:03:19

Where to Find Us/Outro 1:03:28- 1:05:31




Nov 16, 2015

Now that the 10th episode has come and gone, the agreeing loudly crew soldiers forth and tries to find meaning in the podcast's continued existence.

This week Troy goes on a lengthy monologue of what he thinks the attacks in Paris mean for America's foreign policy future and makes an ill-fated attempt at a Simpson segue.

Jered pops the culture with a discussion on the popularity of video games among adults and what this means for the future of gaming. 

Pat bookends things with discussions on the top millennial brands and the ups and downs of the Minnesota sports scene. 

Will Troy set the record for longest monologue in podcast history? Will Pat be able to stay awake long enough to make it through this week's episode? Also, where the hell is Bill? For answers to these questions and more tune in to this week's episode of Agreeing Loudly Coast to Coast!

Intro 0:00-3:00

Millennial Musings: Top 200 Millennial Brands 3:05-7:50

Political Parrots: Paris and the Future of American Foreign Policy 8:00-30:10

Pop Goes the Culture: The Popularity of Video Games with Adults 30:15-47:00

Sports Round Up: Vikings and Wild Are Getting it Done 47:05-1:01:40

News From the Front: Live from New York 1:01:45-1:04:00

Where to Find Us/Outro 1:04:00-1:06:39